The Thorny Rose

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Unenthusiastically, she trudged down the stairs and along the passageway that led to the kitchen. Once she entered the room, she gasped in surprise. She found herself literally lifted off the ground as he hugged her tightly. Peering around Harry's shoulder, Ginny saw a grinning Sirius Black standing next to her equally amused mother. They both obviously found the girlish enthusiasm with which she had greeted her boyfriend funny. Ginny ignored them and continued to inspect Harry's new look. Harry blushed at her words, but they were entirely justified.

Sirius had clearly taken a big hand in selecting the new clothes and Harry now had the appearance of a stylish, well-to-do, young pure-blood wizard. His dark-coloured trousers were obviously expertly tailored and were form-fitting in all the right places. An expensive looking black shirt left open at the neck was visible underneath an exquisite dark blue velvet jacket that was cut in the wizarding style.

His outfit was finished off with a pair of shiny black brogues that positively gleamed in the afternoon sunlight. All in all, Harry was looking pretty damn fine. I was just concerned at the price of everything. I mean, did I really need ten pairs of silk boxer-shorts? I'd need to separate his underwear out and do a separate wash, wouldn't I? Let's take a walk round the garden. I don't suppose you have a little piece I could try? I would have made one for you," Molly cried in distress.

I would have…". So what do I have to do to cajole a piece of your wonderful tart off you, my dear lady? While he'd been talking, Sirius had placed his right hand on Molly's back and had been subtly guiding her away from the back door. His left hand, however, was frantically signalling the two teenagers towards the exit. Needing no further encouragement, Ginny grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him towards the kitchen door.

As quietly as she could, she opened it and pulled her boyfriend outside before her mother even knew what was happening. We shouldn't be disturbed up there," Ginny said, practically pulling him along. The two of them hurried across the garden and passed through a gap in the hedge. Skirting around the edge of a lush, green field, they headed up a steep hill until they reached the ring of tall trees that surrounded the family orchard.

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Once they passed inside the line of mixed Ash and Chestnut trees and were out of sight of the house, they turned and looked at each other. Ginny didn't reply; she just launched herself at him and succeeded in knocking him to the ground. Before he could voice any protest, she threw herself on top of him and began to kiss him passionately. Whatever complaint Harry was going to make about her rough behaviour was soon forgotten and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him.

It was several minutes before their lips parted.

Providing Sirius can keep my mum occupied I have you all to myself. I may well waste away from neglect! If there was a better way to spend a summer's afternoon, then Ginny didn't know of it.

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She'd dreamed for years that one day Harry and she would be together, and the reality was even better than her imagination. The last year had been kind to Harry; he'd grown considerably and was starting to fill out in a wonderful way. Rather than the thin, almost scrawny boy he had been, the regular exercise he had been doing had started to build muscle, which she could feel as she ran her hands over his shirt. As their lips pressed against each other's, Ginny started to feel excitement build inside her.

When Harry slipped his hands inside her t-shirt and began to caress her back with his rough hands, it was just about all she could do to stop herself from ripping his clothes off. She was immensely annoyed, therefore, when Harry tore his mouth from hers and pulled away slightly. Realising what he was referring to, Ginny reluctantly rolled off Harry and lay on her side next to him. This was not going to be an easy conversation. But what I really wanted to say to you now is that when we have that talk I think Sirius should be included. He'd probably ban me from ever seeing you again, or just turn me over to Dumbledore.

For one thing, he comes from a pretty Dark family and I don't think he'd really be too shocked by any information you could come out with. Besides, I don't think he's terribly happy with Dumbledore right now. Twelve years in Azkaban during which our esteemed Headmaster did sod all to get him out or check his story has shaken Sirius's faith in him.

Let's face it, Ginny; we need an adult on our side.

If we're going to train over the summer like we did last year, we need him on board. Now, I'm not exactly sure what this terrible secret you have to tell me about my scar is, but I can guess it's not going to be good judging from your reaction. Whatever it is, I suspect we're going to need his help.

Ginny dropped her eyes.

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As much as she wanted to tell Harry there was no way in hell she was sharing her secret with anyone else, she had to admit what he said made sense. She wasn't even fourteen yet and that severely limited her freedom of action. Her mother would be watching her like a hawk now she had a boyfriend, and that meant they wouldn't be able to continue with the planning and training they both needed.

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If Molly Weasley ever found out that she was training to fight Voldemort's followers… well, she didn't even want to think what the results of that would be! As much as she wanted to keep this between Harry and herself, they needed Sirius's help. If my secret ever got out, Harry, just think what the Ministry would do to me.

The Thorny Rose

I'd be pumped full of Veritaserum until I was a vegetable and thrown in Azkaban until I rotted. I don't think there is a chance in hell that he'd betray us. That said, I expect my dad thought the same thing about Peter Pettigrew. No, when we tell Sirius about this I'll be standing right behind him with my wand out and if he even looks like he's not happy to keep this quiet, I'll Obliviate him.

I wouldn't have even suggested this if we didn't have a back-up plan. There's no way I'd ever risk losing you, Ginny, it would just destroy me," he said passionately. Ginny felt herself melt at his fierce defence of her. She'd dreamed for years that Harry would come to feel the same way about her as she did about him, and now it appeared her dreams were a reality. It was just a shame that they were stuck in the middle of this life-threatening mess and she didn't have the time to fully enjoy it. They faced a terrifying Dark Lord, an incompetent Headmaster and a corrupt Government.

Between that lot and the well-meaning interference of friends and family, the picture didn't look too rosy. If Sirius agrees to help us, I want an Unbreakable Vow from him that he'll tell no-one else about me or anything he learns. There are some things that have to stay just between us.


I'll explain everything to you first, and then we'll decide exactly how much to tell Sirius. It's probably better if I explain exactly what Voldemort did before we involve anyone else. Is it really that bad?