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The graphic, pointed veins in the leaf almost take on an abstract pattern of their own on the top center of this design. The red outlines surround a white cracked effect for the leaf itself, all set over a slightly darker red backdrop, letting the texture take center stage.

The second mask right was unveiled a few weeks later, perhaps as an afterthought, serving as a tribute to Canadian rockers The Tragically Hip and their lead singer, Gord Downie. The band revealed last spring that Downie had been diagnosed with brain cancer, an announcement that hit the Canadian and hockey communities hard.

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Gunnarsson used the sketch pen technique in both, this time to recreate images of the band filling in the negative space. As revealed by CCM, the Daveart creations each use the Canadian maple leaf silhouette as a repeated motif throughout the masks. Each of the almost symmetrical sides is adorned with a large maple leaf and smaller holographic leaves scattered throughout.

Completing the sinister feel is the dark pewter cage, blending flawlessly into the dark grays and blacks of the rest of the mask. This design is electric, evil and all around pretty badass. Red and White. Compositionally, this mask is the same as mask 1 but uses a patriotic red and white color palette instead. The only crisp lines on this mask come in the North America logo on top——the most prominent part of the mask——which stands out nicely because of the contrast in style. The simple red and black color palette helps ground this design and keeps it from going completely overboard.

Heavily focusing on the roman numerals and NA monogram, the bold orange letters stand out on the otherwise muted design.

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The light gray background is only broken up by thin clusters of orange, white and black striping on the top, back and chin, plus the XXIII numerals on the top and side. Ice time may be hard to come by for Hellebuyck up against Gibson and Stanley Cup champ Matt Murray, but all three of these masks are really sharp and will look great on the ice. To avoid incurring some of these costs, consider repainting an older cage. Find out how to paint a birdcage , and consider the steps to take to make sure you get the job done right.

So, you have your cage.

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Perhaps it was donated to you or your organization, a yard sale find, or one you've had for some time that is just in need of a makeover. But regardless of the route of acquisition, your cage needs to be painted. Before slapping some paint on that cage, it needs to be prepped for its new identity. The surface of all metal being painted needs to be clean, smooth, and free of all rust. Use your wire brush to get all the rust flakes off the cage and your sandpaper to smooth the surfaces after using the brush. Any other rough or uneven spots on the metal should be smoothed at this point as well.

After getting rid of all the rough spots and rust with your wire brush and sandpaper, you should clean the cage. Use your cleaning cloths or just give your cage a bath with some water to get rid of all the dust and debris. The last step before actually painting your cage is applying a thin primer coat. Read more on choosing a primer and paint in the next section.

Almost all store-bought cages have been powder coated using thermoplastic material that is melted onto the cage at a very high temperature. Steam fire-engines are unknown, and hand-grenades are inevitably forgotten in the excitement of a conflagration. Earthquakes, though frequent, are fortunately not severe, and no alarming catastrophe has been suffered since the convulsions of and , which the malcontents attributed to the wrath of the gods at the spectacle of foreign barbarians entering the country.

The old myth, that the earth—meaning the islands of Japan—rests upon the back of a huge fish, whose writhings cause these disturbances, places the head of the leviathan beneath Vezo, its tail under the southern island, and its vital and active body below Yokohama and Tokio. Now the Government has a seismologist on its university staff, and each tremor or palpitation is accurately recorded, the average number reaching four hundred annually.

World Cup of Hockey Masks: North America

A small house rattles as if the earthquake fish had come out of the sea and seized it as a terrier does a rat. Pebbles grate in garden paths, tall evergreens snap their tops like switches, bells ring, clocks stop, and people rush frantically to open spaces or streets. The Japanese seldom drink water, although they splash, dabble, or soak in it half the time; yet men who are working in moats or lotus-ponds, grubbing out the old roots or stalks, and dripping wet to their waists and shoulders, will quit work on rainy days. In Yokohama harbor, coolies who load and unload lighters, and are in and out of water continually, often refuse to work when a shower begins; but a wet day brings a new aspect to the streets, and fair weather has no monopoly of picturesqueness.

The unoccupied women with babies tied on their backs, an apparently large leisure class, are always gadding about the town with the aimless unconcern of hens, taking no account of the weather, and enjoying the open air regardless of the barometer.

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Children are equally indifferent, and jinrikisha coolies, although they draw the hoods and tie their passengers in snug and dry with oil-paper or rubber aprons, trot along cheerfully, with their too scanty cotton garments more abbreviated than ever. They substitute for an umbrella a huge flat straw plate of a hat, and instead of putting on galoches, they take off even their straw sandals and run barefooted, tying up the big tee with a bit of rag or wisp of straw, apparently by way of decoration.

Those pedestrians who wish to be stately and dry-shod thrust their bare feet into a half-slipper arrangement of wood and oil-paper, perched on two wooden rests three inches high, adding this cubit to their stature.

Both occupy corners on great thoroughfares, and have waving curtains of black cloth, with crest and name in white, as the only wall or screen from the street. The one vast open room of the first story is revealed at a glance. The floor proper of this great apartment, raised a foot and a half from the stone walk surrounding it, is covered with the usual straw-mats, the uniform glistening surface extending more than sixty feet either way.

Here and there salesmen and accountants, the book-keepers being also cashiers, sit at low desks, where they keep their sorobans, money, and curious ledgers. There are no shelves nor counters, and in groups on the mats sit women with beautifully-dressed hair, and men in sober silk garments, inspecting the heaps of rainbow fabrics strewn about them.

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Small boys bring out arm loads and baskets of silks from the godowns, for no stock is ever in sight until the purchaser asks for it. It is etiquette for these small boys to hail and cheer the arriving and departing customer, and they drone out some nasal chorus.

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Immediately the battalion of small boys sprang to their feet, and, deafening us with a chanted canticle, hurried to the corner where a steaming bronze urn, various tea-caddies, and a shelved box full of tea-sets provide patrons with cups of amber-tinted nectar. For an hour these myrmidons ran to and fro, baskets were carried back and forth, and gold brocades supplied sunlight and rainbows for a gloomy day.

All these precious brocades come in lengths of four and a half yards for the broad obis or sashes that are one secret of her looks in the toilet of a Japanese woman. Those woven of silk alone are as thick as leather and soft as crape, and the massed gold threads, while glistening like plates of chased metal, give stiffness but not hardness to the fabrics. The Nakadori is a half-mile-long street of curio and second-hand shops, which just before the New Year contain their best bargains, and no one can hold to the safety of his jinrikisha through that straight and narrow path, beset by every temptation of old porcelains, lacquer, and embroideries.

Peddlers will gather from these shops and carry packs twice their own size, to spread their contents out in the room of a customer.

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Their wares are so tempting and cheap that the beholder cannot resist them, after a reformation of prices, and that peddler who comes twice has marked his victim for his own. On certain days of the week a rag fair is held on the Yanagiwara. Vendors in rows half a mile long sit under the willow-trees on the canal bank, with neat piles of old clothing, scraps of cloth, and ornaments for sale.

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Between Shiba and the railway station is a rag alley, a Petticoat Lane of old clothing, but most of it is foreign and unpicturesque, even in the flying glimpses to be caught from a jinrikisha. Once I visited the most charming of old-clothes shops, one where theatrical wardrobes were kept; but Sanjiro could not, or would not remember it, and I never returned. They sat, smoked, and cast indifferent glances at us while baskets of gorgeous raiment were borne in, and affected to look up the prices in a book of records.

After baiting me long enough, and bringing me to raise my offer, the trio of partners would suddenly clap their hands, say something in concert, and deliver me the article. It was all as precisely ordered and acted as a set scene on the stage, and I longed in vain to assist at other acts in the unique drama.