Teacher Cartoon-a-Day 2014 Calendar: A Daily Lesson in Humor

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What's next for Cam Jansen? She'll keep clicking and solving mysteries. How many books have you written? So far, I've had books published. What do you like to do when you're not writing? I love to listen to old radio tapes from the 30s and 40s. I love to paint and draw. I like to play and watch baseball. What does the A in your name stand for? It stands for my middle name. My middle name is Abraham. If you weren't a writer, what would you be?

I was a math teacher, so maybe I'd still be a math teacher. What advice can you give young writers? Young writers, even old writers, should be willing to take suggestions from other people, to do a lot of rewriting, and to read like a writer, not a reader. The governor, a presidential candidate, is visiting Cam and Eric's school for the dedication of a new library. A loud sound like a gunshot startles everyone. Was it really a gun -- or a noisy cover for a crime? Click along with Cam Jansen as she teams up with the Secret Service to solve the mystery.

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Adler follows up his well-received B. Franklin, Printer with an equally perceptive study of another iconic figure. Distilling major scholarship from the previous two centuries, he does nothing to tarnish Washington's reputation. Yes, he owned slaves, had a fiery temper, and exhibited such stingy ways that he sometimes drove his steward to tears, but he was also a canny, courageous, natural leader who learned from his mistakes, struggled with self-doubt, and held views toward slavery that were, for the time, moderate.

Adler enhances his profile with a coherent, if distant, account of the Revolutionary War, small illustrations of many of the people and places he mentions, generous extracts from period letters or news accounts in an evocatively battered looking typeface , capsule biographies of Washington's generals and cabinet members, and, finally, discursive endnotes and meaty resource lists. Marrin's George Washington and the Founding of a Nation features more rousing accounts of battles, but this offers clear views of Washington's public and private lives as well as sharp insights into his character and his times.

All rights reserved. I had already written one very successful book of historical fiction about that time period, The Babe and I, a picture book featuring an encounter with Babe Ruth. Don't Talk To Me About The War began for me with the idea to fashion a story on one boy and his family's reaction to Roosevelt's fireside chats.

After all, so much has been said and written about those talks, how families gathered by their radios to listen. Well, how did they react? That idea proved unworkable. The chats were too infrequent, only about once every six months. Instead I began with the rescue at Dunkirk, two views, one of a girl wrapped up in the horror of the trapped soldiers and her best friend Tommy who feels it's all happening so far away, across the ocean, and means very little to him.

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But more is happening in Tommy's life. There's baseball and his favorite team the Brooklyn Dodgers, radio, his friend Beth whose mother recently died and whose father works in the press room of the New York Daily Mirror, their friend Sarah's escape from Nazi-held Europe, and Tommy's mother's medical issues. It's a coming-of-age story as Tommy assumes more responsibilities at home as his mother becomes less able to care for Tommy and his father.

Was any research involved? Oh, yes!

What gives the school the right to give my child homework?

I began with a calendar. I always knew what day it was in my story: May 23, ; May 24, ; May 25, And as I wrote I had that day's newspaper on my desk. If I wrote the Dodgers won that day, they did. The score and the details of the game in the book are accurate.

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The radio schedule and the weather is also accurate. The news reports about the rescue at Dunkirk are accurate, too, even the slow pace the full news reached the United States. Also, for Tommy's mother's illness I consulted old medical texts and a woman whose mother was diagnosed in with the same illness.

I didn't want to know how it's treated today. I needed to know how it was diagnosed and treated in Are you working on anything new? Of course! I am working on an older level biography, similar in approach to my B. Adler, P. Box , Hewlett, NY For a response, please include a stamped, self-addressed business-sized envelope 1 oz. I've always been a dreamer. A few years ago I was at Open School Night for my middle son.

His fourth-grade teacher was the same one my eldest son had had seven years earlier and the same teacher I had had some time in the s. The teacher looked at me, smiled, and then told the roomful of parents, "A long time ago, when I had just started teaching, David was in my class. He's always dreaming. But I know I did dream through much of my early school years and I did become a writer.

Dreamers become writers, and, for me, being a published writer is a dream come true.

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  6. I write both fiction and nonfiction. I begin my fiction with the main character. The story comes later. Of course, since I'll be spending a lot of time with each main character, why not have him or her be someone I like? Cam Jansen is based on an elementary school classmate whom we all envied because we thought he had a photographic memory.

    Andy Russell is based on a beloved member of my family.

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    For my books of nonfiction I write about subjects I find interesting. When I write, I try not to worry about each word, or even each sentence or paragraph. For me, books evolve. I rewrite each sentence, each manuscript, many times. And I work with my editors. I look forward to their suggestions, their help in the almost endless rewrite process.

    Welcome to www. Cam Jansen -- the girl detective with the photographic memory -- more than 30,, copies are her mysteries are in print!

    New for Mo Jackson plays football--winner of the Dr. Seuss medal! Mo Jackson plays soccer. Mo Jackson plays basketball! Now Available -- PJ Library selection. Just published -- Prices! Why They Go Up and Down. Please include a stamped, self-addressed business-sized envelope 45c with all fan mail.

    airtec.gr/images/rastrear/1492-telefono-de-contacto.php This thread is about whether there is a basis in law for schools to assign homework, it's not about ending high-quality education, or even ending homework for those who think it's important for their own children, but about setting boundaries, especially for those who need them. The kind of work my child is doing outside of school is currently higher quality and a strong education not available in school, and the homework -- like making a t-shirt for science class about an element my child already had to write a cartoon about -- conflicts directly with the ability to do that higher quality work.

    In fact, it's not even just the time or the assignments, it's simply the expectation that the time after school is at the disposal of the school that is the issue. If families wish it for their children, and if the families believe it is in the best interest of their children's education, they should be able to choose to have non-stop homework that stretches to bedtime and impinges on breakfast.

    I wouldn't want to take that away from someone who benefits from it, I was that kind of student.