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With Creators of Visual Arts and Literature there was definitely a leader and because the club focused on individuals art work it wasn't completely necessary to have a leader. In the end the members felt a sense of comfort when they have a leader because it kept them together and focused each day. Whether each club has lots of leaders, no leaders, or one leader its definitely necessary to experience one or the other.

The impact of a leader can make huge differences within each club.

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The Dead Parrots also had multiple leadership positions available. As was mentioned in the last paragraph, Kris Erickson was the "leader" of the Dead Parrots. Officially he is called the Artistic Director and everything goes through him. However, they have other jobs as well. The Dead Parrots are very good at internal organization.

They have one person to handle the funds, another to handle publicity and yet another to handle anything online. Each position is respected as they are voted on at the end of the year at a barbeque. The rehearsals are required, so every member attends and each leader is respected also for pulling their weight in the group.

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Unlike the South Asian Students Association who seemed to have difficulty getting the leaders to attend the meetings, each leader attends each rehearsal. Like sexploration, and the stand, women in the woods, also has two great leaders which both host and plan events that take place within the club. Being the leaders of this club comes responsibility, that responsibility is to find future leaders like the sexploration club if this is not able to happen, then the lack of involvement will also decide the future of women in the woods.

The difference between women in the woods, sexploration, and the stand is that women in the woods is in need to look for more than one or two leaders, the more leaders that they have the better. Like the other clubs mentioned, the Harry Potter Club has a couple of defined leaders, the President of this school year and the President of next school year. Both of these people lead the club very well and make all the meetings run smoothly. In order for this club to gain campus attention, the leaders have the role of putting up posters and announcing the existence of the club at the Information Fair at the beginning of each fall quarter.

Like the members of the Dead Parrots Society, that was mentioned, the members of Harry Potter Club have a sense of organization and comfort because there is a leader or leaders present. This way, the m meetings are almost guaranteed to start on time and to accomplish what needs to be accomplished during that certain meeting. What I found to be most interesting about the leadership positions among the CCF club Campus Christian Fellowship was the link between student leadership and full time non student leadership.

In the CCF group, there are people in leadership with a link to the AS, like the president whom I interviewed and so forth. Also there are full time members of the Bellingham community who raise their own funds to work with CCF full time on staff. The Hillel Jewish group and found a slightly similar situation with their leadership. Although most of the leadership is from within the student body, they report to the community director about the groups issues and status.

The way these leadership roles balance together leads to a really strong organization in the group. This also leads to a very strong retention ofuseful strategies over time. The Tango Club, which teaches the Argentine Tango, faces similar problems as many of the above groups in finding leaders to follow in the footsteps of current leaders. Following the trend, the Tango Club has two members who are very talented, passionate, and involved with the club's material in this case the Argentine Tango.

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There is a huge gap between their skill level and the other members who might be able to take over after the current leaders have graduated. From this trend it becomes obvious that a better system of leadership is needed to keep a group running in the long run. Depending heavily on just a few individuals for leadership and meanwhile not having a system for finding new leadership will lead to problems and if not effective at all.

So what is an effective way to ensure the continued quality leadership of a student organization? A good example is the Cycling Club. They have a system where they will elect a group of active officers at the end of each season.

Thanks to this system the Cycling Club does not have to face the issue of unknown leadership—hence possibly even the death of a club. By trying to even out the responsibility of the leadership it becomes more reliable. However, it is not to say that this tactic would work for every club. Some clubs, such as the Tango Club, require a special amount of expertise to teach.

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The two current heads of that club both studied abroad in Argentina. So it is not a quick fix for them to install a system of electing new leadership because it is not guaranteed, or even likely, that other members will be at the same skill level as them and capable of teaching the class. It seems that most of the aforementioned groups thrive in maintaining multiple leaders, which makes sense, as organizations are wholly meant to be collaborative efforts.

In order for an organization student or otherwise to function properly and flourish, it is absolutely necessary that said group has [an] appointed administrator s. My group generally found that WSSF has become irrelevant over the past couple of years due to lack of leadership skills that the current moderator possesses.

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The role of leadership has been scrutinized and universally perceived as requisite, however some would argue that the leadership role is increasingly beneficial if it is divided amongst a few particularly responsible individuals, so as to avoid unnecessary burdensome responsibility.

However, the division of work should not be all too bothersome if those responsible for coordination are truly passionate about the nature of their organization. A'capella club is facing to lose 2 members in the end of spring quarter. Matt Bell is the leader of the club also worry and concern about get new members. This club was formed by Matt since fall quarter, due to the lack to motivations from other group members it's gradually become a big issue after 3 quarters has passed by. They sure need to be concerned about the leadership roles, and the lack of constant involved members the future of A'capella club once when Matt Bell graduate is uncertain.

Sometimes, the leadership position within a club may not be obvious, but is still vital to the structure and integrity of a club. There are many different DJ positions, but not many leadership roles. What many DJ's may not realize is that each and every one plays the part of a leader, as they influence the music scene, and inspire new recruitment's to the station.

These are the roles of a leader in an organization such as a radio station that keep the station a busy and live place. University radio stations are constantly struggling to replenish the graduating, more experienced DJ's, and it is up to them to find and train DJ's adequate enough to replace them. This is yet another example of upholding the leadership role. These examples may not be apparent, or written down on a contract, but they are important and necessary for the continuation of a radio station. Despite this different leadership role, there are some more traditional roles within the radio station.

There are seven positions at the radio station that students can fill. They are the Program Director decides on programming and other similar decisions , Operations Coordinator maintains logs on the activities going on at the radio station as well as making and receiving Public Service Announcements , News and Public Affairs Director directs the news and public affairs portions of the programming at the station , Music Director, Specialty Music Director, Maintenance Engineer helps maintain the technology at the radio station including the music CDs , and Marketing and Development Director directs the marketing and promotions part of the radio station.

The Music Directors make sure that music comes into the station whether it is more the Music for the Masses show or for the specialty music shows during the day. A person must apply for these positions and be a DJ at the radio station.

While the low numbers and sometimes the planning is an issue, Jewish Hillel is said to have key core member which have kept the club alive for such a long time. Their strength has been the passing down of club positions to people who will stay active and promote events and new membership.

These dedicated few are what keep up with the paper work each year to keep Hillel a club on Western's campus. They are also in charge of moderating the Facebook group and finding funds for the various events held each quarter.

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In a lot of clubs like the biology club having more than one leader is smart. When it comes to running meetings, if the president cannot make it, its important to have a designated person to take charge. If Taylor the president of the biology club cannot make it, Anne takes the role of running the meeting as smooth as possible.

A problem comes when neither of them can make it because of other work they must complete. This results in canceling of a meeting or a very unstructured meeting ran by the members alone. This is a problem that results in losing members because they don't have a leader to run their club.

Some clubs also lack leaders, which poses a large problem amongst organizations. The Associated Students club Women in the Woods has two current leaders. Yet they are both graduating this year Spring '09 and Fall ' This is a large issue for many clubs because leaders of their organization ultimately graduate from Western.

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Whether it is this year or in the years to come leadership positions have to be passed on to other members amongst the club.