Never Enough

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None of them have any kind of character arc to speak of.

The Greatest Showman: Never Enough

They are forever in the periphery, unless you count Zendaya—which brings up a lot of questions about how the film contextualizes race, which is only expressly confronted in one brief scene. The movie is instead almost entirely about Barnum trying to make a name for himself, sometimes to the detriment of his slavishly supportive wife Michelle Williams, having a weird December.

Which is a fine thing to make a movie about! In a weaselly little move, the film, written by Jenny Bicks and Bill Condon, also attempts to inoculate itself against any criticism by putting a critic Paul Sparks right into the story, framing him as a scold and a jerk who fails to see the majesty of what Barnum and his ragtag circus folk are doing.

And the film ends with a quote from Barnum himself, expressing that the best kind of art, the purest kind, is the art that makes people happy.

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Because that is, after all, all that matters. The fact is, The Greatest Showman did make me smile, despite its clunky storytelling and troubled optics. The songs have been in my head for weeks, and not unpleasantly so. Maybe the movie is a Prince of Humbug itself, showing us something shiny while figuring us all suckers.

I believe most of us are savvier than that. But who knows. As a dubiously great man once said, every crowd has a silver lining.


Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. I think the song is saying that someone made one of her dreams come true. She wants this happy moment to last forever.

But that person deserves to be in the spotlight since they helped the dream come true. I don't really know, but personally I think that the "big" meaning of the song is that no matter how much you have, you will never be content. Whether it be wanting something someone else has, or if you want something that's impossible to have. Don't know if that's intended, but that's what I take from it. It is a romantic song.

Never Enough, a song by Loren Allred on Spotify

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Never Enough (The Greatest Showman) - Loren Allred / Kelly Clarkson (Boyce Avenue piano cover)

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