Leven Thumps: The Complete Series

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Shipping is within the US only. No returns. Ebay calculates my shipping costs. I enter the weight and the dimension of package and Ebay calculates price by this and your location. They are humans who had been on Earth and brought to Foo by Fate. They are the working class of Foo.

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They are stable, and one of the best dream enhancers. After they arrive in Foo, they are given a powerful gift. For example, many nits can control ice or levitate. They are usually loyal and honest. Winter Frore and Sabine are examples of nits, and they both can control ice. Antsel is also a nit. He can see through soil. The entire list of specialized Niteon powers are as follows except for manipulating dreams, which is a gift that all nits possess and also cogs :.

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Offings are rare and extremely powerful. They can see and manipulate the future, and can also learn additional gifts. Offings are the most trusted confidants of the Want, the sage of Foo. Leven is an Offing. Rants are the ungifted offspring of a nit and a cog that were born with too little character to manipulate dreams successfully. They are frequently in a disarray. As dreams catch them, half of their bodies become the imagination of what the one in reality is dreaming of. They are usually dressed in long robes to hide their unstable forms. Jamoon, who is one of Sabine's most loyal servants, is a powerful rant.

Sycophants are humanoid, furry creatures that dwell in a place called Sycophant Run. They are assigned to people in Foo to guide them. The people they serve are referred to as their "burns". Many Sycophants hang out around the entrance of Foo and fight over the upcoming "burns" coming out of the entrance.

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This is an extremely trying experience because the human whose come to Foo not only is completely shocked, but also covered in talking, furry creatures. The Want is the invisible, but felt sage of Foo. He lives on the island of Lith, and sees every dream that comes in. He is prophetic, but a bit insane from his visions.

Leven Thumps Series by Obert Skye

He also has all the gifts of nits. It is revealed that Hector Thumps, Leven's grandfather, is the Want. He tricks Leven into killing him, thus making Leven the Want. Cogs are ungifted children of nits. They have no single talent, but they can manipulate and enhance dreams. When those from Earth step on a way to get to Foo, they may not get there completely. They only partially arrive, since their bodies and souls stay on Earth. They are called whisps, and are similar to ghosts. They are members of governing councils and boards.

They are very vulnerable to flattery, and wish most for soul stones, to become whole. The only way to kill a whisp is to suck it up by anything, like a vacuum, until their mass is gathered enough to become solid. Only then are they vulnerable to physical harm.

Leven Thumps: The Complete Series

Avalands are giants made out of the earth. They can actually form together to make a bigger creature. Avalands have met Leven on two occasions. The first time, one Avaland pursued Winter, Leven, and Clover but, thanks to Leven's timing, toppled off a cliff. The second time, a gang of Avalands attacked and formed together to make a giant rock snake.

The snake devoured Leven and Winter but they made the Avaland to choke out the two by freezing Leven.

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  • Telts are basically Foo's version of a tornado, but made mostly of spinning dirt and debris and able to pick things up and "eat" them. The only way to kill them is by using water or some other liquid. Longings were beings who flew over Foo and make people have a greater longing for what they already long for.

    click here There is only one longing that is left. Her name is Phoebe and she is in love with Geth the last true lithen who loves her back. It is mentioned in the book that the reason Foo is falling a part is because Phoebe could not keep people longing for good; so they became selfish. There is a spin-off book, known as "Professor Winsnicker's Book of Proper Etiquette for Well-mannered Sycophants" which is Clover's handbook from when he was in school. Brand New!. Seller Inventory VIB More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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    Book Description Shadow Mountain November 17, , Condition: new. Seller Inventory think Obert Skye. Publisher: Shadow Mountain , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Foo the place between the possible and the impossible is a realm inside the minds of each of us.