HONG KONG Country Studies: A brief, comprehensive study of Hong Kong

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Author links open overlay panel Jue Wang. Under a Creative Commons license. Abstract Government is one of the determinants for innovation capacity although its role and degree of involvement in innovation is debatable. JEL classification O Keywords Government intervention. Retrieved 25 July Amnesty International. In response to the latest clashes between police and protesters in Hong Kong on Saturday night — including one incident where police stormed the platform of Prince Edward metro station and beat people on a train — Man-Kei Tam, Director of Amnesty International Hong Kong, said: "Violence directed at police on Saturday is no excuse for officers to go on the rampage elsewhere.

The horrifying scenes at Prince Edward metro station, which saw terrified bystanders caught up in the melee, fell far short of international policing standards.


Retrieved 19 October At a press conference, Carrie Lam used a Cantonese phrase to say the proposed legislation was 'reaching the end of its life. So people won't need to worry that there will be renewed discussions on the bill in the current legislature. Otherwise the Civil Human Rights Front will plan our next action. Retrieved 9 July Retrieved 23 August Retrieved 6 November The Independent. Retrieved 8 September All the context you need".

All eyes on the Mainland

The Economist. Retrieved 23 July These protests are driven by desperation". Focus Taiwan. Retrieved 24 October Radio Free Asia.

48 Part time Masters Programs in Hong Kong

Retrieved 30 June Stand News in Chinese. Retrieved 10 June Archived from the original on 9 June The Hong Kong Government. Retrieved 18 August HK Government. Retrieved 13 July Retrieved 27 June Apple Daily in Chinese. Retrieved 1 July Retrieved 2 July Retrieved 4 July Los Angeles Times.

Sing Tao Daily.

Retrieved 7 September Retrieved 7 July Retrieved 16 July The Standard. Retrieved 15 July Retrieved 31 July The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 7 November Retrieved 6 August Retrieved 5 August Retrieved 10 August Retrieved 8 August Retrieved 12 August Retrieved 14 August USA Today.

Education in Hong Kong

Retrieved 24 August For Friday's 'Hong Kong Way' demonstration, organisers had called for people to gather in single file along routes that roughly matched subway lines, snaking nearly 30 miles 50km through Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. The Hong Kong Way comes just five days after as many as 1. The Chinese territory has seen a rare period of calm, with last weekend the first in more than two months with no tear gas fired by police. Retrieved 6 October Hardliners confronted police anew after largely holding back the previous weekend.

They occupied streets on Saturday and Sunday, erecting barriers across roads after otherwise peaceful marches by thousands of others. Wearing gas masks, they threw bricks and gasoline bombs toward the police, as the latter fired tear gas canisters at them.

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The return to confrontation signaled their belief that the government would not respond to peaceful protest alone. Retrieved 31 August Retrieved 3 September The News Lens. Retrieved 9 September Consulate to Call for Washington's Support". Retrieved 11 September Retrieved 1 October The Standard HK.

Retrieved 25 September Sky News. Retrieved 3 October Retrieved 1 November Protesters are already defying it". Retrieved 7 October Retrieved 9 October Retrieved 21 October Retrieved 23 October Retrieved 29 October Retrieved 5 November Asia Times. Retrieved 3 July Retrieved 7 August Retrieved 9 August Written at Hong Kong. The Observer. Retrieved 10 September Union of Catholic Asian News Limited. Retrieved 24 July Retrieved 6 September Retrieved 10 July Retrieved 29 August The Daily Telegraph. It self-regulates even as it constantly reinvents itself". Retrieved 8 July Retrieved 13 September Retrieved 29 June Financial Times.

Retrieved 14 July The protesters also use iPhone's AirDrop function to anonymously and rapidly share information. No, They're Not Alt-Right". Retrieved 20 September Retrieved 20 October Hong Kong Bangkok Post. Retrieved 10 October Al Jazeera. Retrieved 11 July Retrieved 30 October NBC News. The Malay Mail. HK01 in Chinese. Apple Daily. The Straits Times. Singapore Press Holdings. Business Insider. Retrieved 5 July Retrieved 12 July Twitter CDN. Archived from the original on 12 July A loss to Chinese authoritarianism would set a frightening precedent for the world".

Stand News in Cantonese. Retrieved 20 August Gijsbert Heikamp was filming with his cellphone at a protest outside a police station in Tsim Sha Tsui. He was outside the station, standing behind a barrier, when officers began firing tear gas from behind a fence. Two of the canisters went through gaps in the barrier, hitting him in the stomach and on the right arm. Retrieved 2 October Retrieved 4 October NOW TV.

Retrieved 15 August Retrieved 28 October Retrieved 2 September Sing Pao Daily News in Chinese. Channel News. The Atlantic. Some are deciding it's time to leave". This American Life. Retrieved 3 August Retrieved 13 August Carrie Lam ahead of protests". September Thompson Reuters Corp. Defiant residents take to streets and night of violent destruction ensues". Ming Pao in Chinese. Retrieved 21 September Retrieved 13 October Researcher Notes Indicator not met — witness protection program is established through legislation but no evidence that it has been implemented during the reporting period according to primary sources.

The legal framework allows victims of modern slavery to receive compensation for damages incurred as a result of exploitation OR the legal framework allows victims of modern slavery to receive restitution for damages incurred as a result of exploitation. Researcher Notes Indicator not met — the CLEIC is inaccessible to victims of human trafficking and compensation for victims is limited to common law claims, which is only accessible after fulfilling a number of eligibility requirements.

Primary sources also suggest victims cannot claim. Legislation specifies that children require special services during the court case and NOT there is any evidence of child- friendly services being used in court. Child-friendly services include the use of screens or video testimonies, training of judges in child- friendly questioning, and the use of one support person or guardian during the court process.

If child-friendly services exist in legislation AND there is no evidence they are not being used, please rate as indicator met. If child-friendly services exist in practice but there is no evidence of their existence in legislation, please rate as indicator met. If child-friendly services are NOT in legislation and there is no evidence of these being used, please rate as indicator not met. If child-friendly services exist in legislation and there is evidence they are not used or are poorly implemented, please rate as indicator not met. Researcher Notes Indicator not met — there is evidence of child friendly services being available to use in court but no evidence that these services have been used during the reporting period.

Has to be a specialised law enforcement unit or a sub-unit or team within the law enforcement structure that has specialised mandate to conduct investigations into modern slavery, OR provide specialist support for colleagues AND this unit is operating since 30 June NOT local level anti-trafficking coordination bodies. Training for the judiciary has taken place on human trafficking and related legislation, victim needs in the court room, basic international legal standards in modern slavery cases, trends in modern slavery in the country, and victim profiles AND training for judiciary has occurred once since 30 June Definition of training includes formal in-person training or an online training program as part of broader curriculum on human rights or other training programs.