Five Million Dollar Cat

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Tommaso, the black Italian cat, inherited millions from owner Maria Assunta. Related Stories. The science behind our compulsion to be good. Good wives, good soldiers: Durga Vahini women take up arms to protect Hindu identity. Latest Content. Watch live: US diplomat Sondland says he followed president's orders on Ukraine.

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  • From Portland to Santa Fe: A Cat’s Journey | News | Santa Fe Reporter!
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  • Portland man to reunite with cat lost for 5 years, found 1,300 miles away!
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Donate today and your gift will be matched. After five years of being away from home, Sasha the black cat has resurfaced in Santa Fe.

The cat traveled from Portland after sneaking out of the house, and apparently traveled over 1, miles to New Mexico. For the moment, Sasha lives at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter after someone picked the cat up roaming the city streets.

Tom and Jerry The Million Dollar Cat, Episode 14 Part 2

The animal is soon on its way home. The cat's original owner is Portland resident Viktor Usov, who reported the cat missing years ago. The shelter tracked Usov down using a microchip. The shelter's public relations officer, Murad Kirdar, was astonished the cat made it this far. I can tell you [he] hasn't missed a meal. Data stored on the chip includes information to link the owner with the animal.

Kirdar says he has bonded with Sasha, though, and plans to keep in touch. Kelvin Harrison Jr. Watch now. Title: The Million Dollar Cat Jerry runs into a dog pound and right on top of a napping Spike to escape a rather mangy-looking Tom. To avoid being ripped to shreds, Tom borrows the head of a nearby dog statue. Spike the bulldog, grateful to Jerry for getting him out of the dogcatcher's van, offers to help the little mouse any time he whistles.

Tom, Jerry's feline tormentor, seeks to overcome this new disadvantage.

Tom invites Toots to an elegant dinner. However, he's made the mistake of trying to put Jerry to work, as a serving boy, a corkscrew, and other tasks. Jerry puts up with a little of this, Jerry finds himself in charge of a foundling mouse called Nibbles, who is eager to steal milk from Tom's bowl and oblivious to the danger.

Jerry Mouse gets tired of living the country life and decides to head to the big city.

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However, the experience doesn't turn out quite like Jerry had expected. Jerry crashes a vase onto Tom's head, which gets Mammy to throw Tom out. Jerry revels in his freedom, among other things turning Tom's picture into a Hitler caricature then spitting on it.

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  8. Tom is all set to eat Jerry when a hawk swoops down and grabs Jerry. To get Jerry back, Tom poses as a female hawk and quickly finds his new lover to be more than he bargained for.

    'Exorbitant': Cat Tim Kelly to become Eagle in historic six-year multi-million dollar deal

    Tom is dressed up and treated like a baby by the little girl of the house, and he hates it aside from the bottle of milk, that is. Jerry brings in some alley cats, who tease Tom. Tom is playing with Jerry when someone delivers a cute lady cat for Mammy to take care of. Tom is smitten at first sight, and primps a bit. He offers a fish and a canary, but she's not And guess which mouse keeps following him around and pointing this out to him?

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    Yet another delightful Tom and Jerry cartoon. The best? Probably not. The funniest?