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She has seen so much of it in real life that even sleep cannot repress the images. Because she often sleepwalks, Jamie wears a rope tied around her ankle and affixed to a stake buried deep within the ground beside her tent.

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  • The Innocent Eye.

She frequently wakes in the wilderness, but always within the circumference allowed by the rope: her dream-self has not yet learned to untie knots. In one year, she has made her tent as close to a home as possible. It is a high-end camping model, and contains two sectioned rooms.

She also has a refrigerator and small portable stove, which runs because there is a gas-powered generator outside the tent. She has figured out that it is only necessary to run the generator at night and for five hours during the day, just enough to keep the food in the mini-fridge from spoiling. There is a gas can next to the gennie that she fills on occasion.

Jamie is not magic. She has no superhuman abilities. Instead of sorcery and chanted spells, she uses a rusty old Chevy pickup and her own wits to pack the supplies from the city to her tent. Her tent is miles from the nearest house, at the base of majestic mountains. Every time she returns from the city, after parking the truck, she retraces her route back to the main road almost a quarter mile away, scattering leaves and twigs over her fresh tire tracks. Visitors are rare, but she takes no chances. Only Aaron has seen her hideout, but he will not tell anyone.

This is her life.

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Often times, after eating breakfast, Jamie climbs up the ravine behind her tent, through tumbling underbrush and rocky passages, until she reaches a place she has named Lookout Rock. The rock stands atop a small knoll that is free of trees. From here, she can look upon the crowded evergreens carpeting the hillsides, marveling at the sinuous way in which the forest moves as wind coils through.

She also takes comfort in seeing the many miles between her and the nearest house, which looks like a miniature model from this distance. The city, almost beyond sight, is usually a smeared collection of colors and quick-moving dots all blended together, as if the entire thing has been erected from candle wax that is melting in the sun. Jamie spends her days exploring and working. She washes her clothes in a nearby stream, and hangs them up to dry on cables that she has spread between two trees.

She bathes in the stream as well, yelping and shivering at the icy water. She has a mirror and a comb, and takes care to keep a presentable appearance.

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If ever an emergency trip to the city is necessary, she needs to be able to blend in. Therefore, she clips her fingernails, plucks her eyebrows, combs her hair and often braids it, sews any rips in her clothes, and does not wear her city clothes while doing daily chores. She is not, after all, a cave woman. These grooming tasks keep her feeling human. Two or three nights a week, she watches movies on her DVD player. Unlike other sixteen-year-old girls, Jamie will not watch anything but horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

She prefers horror. Once, she made the mistake of buying a popular romantic comedy. The plot was interesting, but she was in tears through most of it, and that night was plagued by violent fits of sobbing and nightmares that woke her in screams. Movies can remind her of what she lost. Any heightened, reality-based scenario triggers horrible grief and remorse, and the sentimentality of most modern films is even worse.

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Because horror flicks are populated by demons, ghosts, and creatures that do not—and cannot—exist, they are safely removed enough from real life that Jamie can watch them without tearing up. One of her favorite movies is Predator , with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Actor Zach Braff is also a tall, thin, thirty-something white guy with dark hair and goofy charm.

And — bonus!


Eyes of the Innocent (Carter Ross Mystery, book 2) by Brad Parks

Zach would be a natural, right? Well, no. John Dorian!

Innocent Eyes - Annihilator

Marisa Tomei is also a hot older woman, also a slender brunette. But the whole time she was on screen, people would be thinking of their favorite lines from My Cousin Vinny. Had you heard of Michael C.

Eye To Eye

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