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Or simply feel like trying something new? In this workshop we will explore the Lunar Acroyoga practice. This includes partner yoga stretching, therapeutic flying and Thais massage.

Workshop: Discovering Your Life Plan - Frankfurter Ring - Moderne Spiritualität erleben und leben

No previous AcroYoga experience required to participate. Come alone or bring a friend. All shapes and sizes welcome! My Name is Petra and since one year I support people on their yoga-way.

Every way of life is different and also every way of yoga is differnt. My intention is to learn about the spiritual way of life and to practice a very rooted way of yoga. This is all i can and wanna share with you! So all i wanna let you know about the workshop is: Sound is part of all life, but in my case, sound is my life.

We will practice a very rooted kind of yoga. Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. Get still and listen. To your body, your mind, your soul. Find your Roots. Explore your Shakti Power. And Rise. In her Workshop you will get the chance to explore through asana and breath the idea of shakti-power within you: creation and movement. Female elemental power and strength.

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Have you ever tried to overcome gravity? How much courage does it cost to touch a stranger? And what would happen once we ignore gender, culture and age when we meet another person? Contact Improvisation CI is a physical dialogue between different bodies. The dance form offers a variety of possibilities to engage yourself in a research about gravity, communication and flow.

It can be wild and exhausting, but also silent and slow. In this workshop we invite values of playfulness, courage and curiosity into our bodies. What are the advantages of being treated with the AtlantoVib ? An additional advantage of the AtlantoVib is that it can reach even the deepest zones that other massage methods cannot reach. The vibrations are transmitted and penetrate through the entire body. By continuously changing the frequency the AtlantoVib reaches all the muscles — the largest, the smallest, and even those with the greatest tension.

When the body is in motion, there are dynamic changes in weight distribution, which may lead to a momentary compression of nerves and bloodstream. These stresses are purely temporary and unproblematic for the body , since it returns to a resting position sooner or later: the influences and compressions disappear. The load borne by the disks also changes as the body 's position changes.

Körper - Geist - Seele

Resonanz und Massage www. Resonance is a mechanical phenomenon that is well-known in physics. It is continuously amplified when a body begins to sway on its own as a certain vibration is applied to it. Resonanz www. Lukian, Abibus, Nikodemus und Stefan Inv. Hand greift einen Griffel Phantom, a haptic Interface which allows virtual bodies to be felt Phantom, a haptic Interface which allows virtual bodies to be felt.

ArtistBio: www. This illustration you see to the left is available as a full color, full size poster, with explanatory text showing the correspondences between the different parts of the consciousness and the different parts of the body, through the chakras. The discussion of the passive constitution of sensuality emerges from here. In the contextual details surrounding sleep one encounters, for instance, discussions of the irritation and indistinguishabilities of body and mind or the development of an aesthetic of pure vision building upon phenomena of imagery in the moments between slumber and waking.

Classes I teach pranayama breathing , asanas postures , relaxation, bandhas and meditation for beginners and advanced students, old and young, children, and everybody else who wants to experience lasting happiness through exercise of body and mind. Schedule fall - january : www. Narrative became more subdued in her later work as Hatoum adopted a minimalist approach, paving the way for not a single narrative but many narratives.

Artur Dinter

That means that our body has a biological and physical structure. KA : The body and the mind have a relation that always fascinates me. The Family Federation for World Peace will be the most treasured organization, coming as it does on the foundation of those international organizations which I have already set up in the course of investing my life for the realization of a peaceful world of true love.

Today, each individual must recover his or her true human nature, by uniting mind and body harmoniously within the realm of God's true love. All year round the Stanglwirt has a whole assortment of unique attractions to offer for a special kind of luxury holida…A rest all round for the body , mind and soul! Experience time-honoured hospitality, years in fact! The entry has been added to your favourites.

You are not signed in. Please sign in or register for free if you want to use this function. An error has occured. Please try again. Thank you! In , he fell ill with cholera , and in he spent a great deal of time in field hospitals having suffered serious wounds, after which he had to be discharged from the military.

Dinter's thinking in the years after the war became steadily more radical and more racist. He drew ever nearer the Nazi Party's position. At the same time, Dinter became publisher of the newspaper Der Nationalsozialist , which appeared in Weimar. He fell out with his former associates from the VSB, leading to his expulsion from that party. For his "loyalty" to the Party, Dinter received the single-digit membership number "5".

It soon began to stand out quite clearly that Dinter's goals were not so much political as overridingly religious.

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Its goal was to "de-Judaicize" Christian teaching. The Old Testament was dismissed as Jewish. Dinter's special course promptly led to conflict with Hitler, who had already removed him as a Gauleiter in Dinter was deeply shocked about this and started attacking Hitler in his magazine Das Geistchristentum , which in led to his exclusion from the NSDAP for good.