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And though author Jean R. You will learn everything you wanted to know about Peggy Seeger, but were afraid to ask. This consummately researched and engagingly readable biography, with comprehensive material about the folk music revival and its historical framework skillfully woven in, deserves more than one reading and should be accompanied by listening to selections from the generous list of recordings cited.

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A must. Few historical images are more powerful than those of wartime London. The city is remembered as an island of courage and defiance during the dark days of the Second World War. How well do descriptions of wartime London match the memories of those who experienced it?

Dark Memory

Jean interviewed more than 50 people who remembered London during the war, focusing on under-represented groups, including women, Jews, and working-class citizens. In addition, she examined original propaganda, secret government documents, wartime diaries, radio broadcasts, and postwar memoirs. By exploring the differences between wartime documentation and postwar memory and between oral and written artifacts, she illuminates the complex interactions between history and memory. Just as he was turned away from a racist tinged past by a community of politically charged artists and their work, the singer believed that his lyrics had the potential to change public perception on the emotionally charged issue of lynching.

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For a detailed discussion of these exhibits, see Park Park, Marlene. Prospects , — See Without Sanctuary As can be seen in the photograph, Guthrie's memory is a bit faulty in that he recalls three bodies hanging from the Canadian River bridge.

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This divergence from the actual history of the event may be due to there being two photographs of this lynching. The first is shown in within this article; the other is a close up of Laura Nelson.

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Guthrie may have seen both and in remembering combines them. The information for this section is drawn from the following variety of sources to create a full account: Litwack Litwack, Leon F.

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  • Both Werner Werner, Craig. Concerning the death toll of the Tulsa Riot, various writers and scholars still do not agree on exact figures. See Ellsworth Ellsworth, Scott.

    Martin's Press. Guthrie quotes and song lyrics throughout the article appear courtesy of Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc.


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