Comprendre ses rêves pour mieux se connaître (Sciences Humaines) (French Edition)

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We are humanity. On a plus de choix. Si tu en as une. The wait. Public Transport.

The news of a loved one. The answer to an exam. The passage in checkout. The Silver starters. The arrival of a child. The right time. The Holidays. We spend a big part of our existence to wait. The most difficult thing in the wait is that it is one of those rare moments where we meet alone in the face of ourselves.


We have more choices. Nowhere to go. Totally dependent. It's time to think about what we've done in his life.

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What we are doing today And what we would like to do with the time remaining. In this life, opportunities are a bit like this train that only passes once every half-hour. You know that if you don't get in it now, you'll have to wait for an endless moment before you get a second chance. If you have one. In these conditions, waiting on the dock is not an option. It's obvious.

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In this waiting, it is not the horizon that you have to watch waiting for a train that will necessarily happen. It's yourself. May all these moments of expectations be the opportunity for everyone to make the point on oneself, on his own life and on his hopes for the future. Let them be the opportunity to gather the strength, the courage and the determination to take the next train.

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Because the next one may be the last one. La stagnation n'existe pas. My life has totally changed, from day to day, the day I started to say yes. Like most people, I started to say yes to the things of life very early.

Saying "yes" is an easy thing. The most complicated thing is to follow this word by the actions that allow to execute this "yes". A wedding is a situation in which you understand that words have only little value if they are not accompanied by associated acts. In four years of marriage, I tried to apply this principle of the "yes" to the things of life. It is largely what has done that I have found myself to engage in the framework of the project [Human Nadj].

Say yes to the meeting. To say yes to the unexpected. Say yes to the surprise. Accepting to meet perfect strangers. Listen to their testimony without any judgment. Share a moment of discussion together. Every day that passes is the opportunity to meet new people.

These people come to us with their own flavor, their own characteristics. The sweetness. The bitterness. The coldness.

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The Heat. The delicacy. The hardness. My own moods like my wife's, allowed me to understand how much our own flavor could change to the contact of the world around us. In this context, it is essential to say yes to the things that make us grow, that inspire us, that motivate us and that make us become better people. Stagnation does not exist. Either we regress or progress. And in this perspective of evolution, a "no" has never allowed to progress.

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In any case, for my part, this is just a sum of "yes" that led me today here. So gratitude Il faut juste ouvrir les yeux. Finding your way is not an easy thing to do. It's not easy because society teaches us that we always have to see forward.

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So this requires a projection effort. A projection in a future full of doubts, fears, probabilities and obstacles. In other words, when you look forward, you can only see uncertainty. Yet, the answers to all our questions have already been written. The path has already been drawn. Regardless of a superior force that could guide us such as God, karma or destiny We are all the fruit of the history of our ancestors.

We are all the fruit of our education. We are all the fruit of our decisions. The arrival of a major event has determined one day our place of birth. A series of transmitted values has defined the person we are today. A Set of decisions has led us where we are today. The sum of the three gives us a direction.