American Universities in a Global Market (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report)

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After analyzing the economic incentives created by the current policies, Jaffe and Lerner suggest a three-pronged solution for restoring the patent system: create incentives to motivate parties who have information about the novelty of a patent; provide multiple levels of patent review; and replace juries with judges and special masters to preside over certain aspects of infringement cases.

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Well-argued and engagingly written, Innovation and Its Discontents offers a fresh approach for enhancing both the nation's creativity and its economic growth. Harvard Business School. HBS Home. Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. Finance Globalization Health Care. Technology and Innovation.

Finance General Management Marketing. Technology and Operations Management.

Areas of Interest alliances entrepreneurship innovation patents private equity venture capital Additional Topics contracts corporate entrepreneurship economic development economic institutions entrepreneurial finance entrepreneurial management equity financing financial analysis financial management financial strategy government and business intellectual property investment management IPO leveraged buyouts partnerships strategic planning technological innovation technology strategy Industries biotechnology high technology venture capital industry.

The Architecture of Innovation: The Economics of Creative Organizations Innovation is a much-used buzzword these days, but when it comes to creating and implementing a new idea, many companies miss the mark—plans backfire, consumer preferences shift, or tried-and-true practices fail to work in a new context. So is innovation just a low-odds crapshoot?

Table of Contents Excerpt. The Rate and Direction of Inventive Activity Revisited National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report edited with Scott Stern While the importance of innovation to economic development is widely understood, the conditions conducive to it remain the focus of much attention.

This volume offers new theoretical and empirical contributions to fundamental questions relating to the economics of innovation and technological change while revisiting the findings of a classic book. Central to the development of new technologies are institutional environments, and among the topics discussed here are the roles played by universities and other nonprofit research institutions and the ways in which the allocation of funds between the public and private sectors affects innovation. Other essays examine the practice of open research and how the diffusion of information technology influences the economics of knowledge accumulation.

Analytically sophisticated and broad in scope, this book addresses a key topic at a time when economic growth is all the more topical. Venture Capital and Private Equity: A Casebook with Felda Hardymon and Ann Leamon The 5 th edition of Lerner's Venture Capital and Private Equity: A Casebook continues to present the important historical cases of private equity while incorporating a number of new relevant and timely cases from previous best-selling issues.

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It includes more cases relevant to the texts four main goals: understanding the ways in which private equity firms work, applying the key ideas of corporate finance to the industry, understanding the process of valuation, and critiquing valuation approaches of the past and present- an approach which has proved very successful over the past four editions.

Venture Capital, Private Equity, and the Financing of Entrepreneurship with Felda Hardymon and Ann Leamon Venture Capital, Private Equity, and the Financing of Entrepreneurship explores the exciting world of active investing and lays out in a clear and readily accessible way their key features, ways of doing business and likely evolution.

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The book follows the cycle of active investing. Raising funds, considering transactions, structuring and overseeing transactions, and exiting investments are considered in turn.

American Universities in a Global Market (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report)

The focus is not just on the U. The Comingled Code: Open Source and Economic Development with Mark Schankerman Discussions of the economic impact of open source software often generate more heat than light. International Differences in Entrepreneurship National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report edited with Antoinette Schoar Often considered one of the major forces behind economic growth and development, the entrepreneurial firm can accelerate the speed of innovation and dissemination of new technologies, thus increasing a country's competitive edge in the global market.

As a result, cultivating a strong culture of entrepreneurial thinking has become a primary goal throughout the world. The Venture Capital Cycle with Paul Gompers In The Venture Capital Cycle , Paul Gompers and Josh Lerner correct widespread misperceptions about the nature and role of the venture capitalist and provide an accessible and comprehensive overview of the venture capital industry.

Jaffe The United States patent system has become sand rather than lubricant in the wheels of American progress. Gompers When the economy was booming and dot-coms were flying high, venture capitalists were admired as impresarios of innovation. Then the market tanked, start-ups fizzled, and those same deal-makers were rebuked as predators out for a quick score.

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So which portrayal is accurate? Where is this much-hyped industry heading? And what will it mean for the future of innovation in the global economy? In this definitive book, industry experts Paul Gompers and Josh Lerner provide the first cool-headed explanation of the venture capital industry and the role it plays in our economy.

They underscore that, regardless of the economic conditions, innovation is incredibly difficult to finance, take to market, and translate into value.

The Friends of Allan H. Meltzer Professor; Professor of Economics

While venture capital has evolved to address these problems - the industry has fueled innovation, economic growth, and wealth creation for decades - features of the venture industry have left it vulnerable to boom-and-bust cycles. In the near future, say the authors, the industry must transform dramatically, with important implications for industry players and the entrepreneurs and organizations they serve.

Drawing from compelling research and industry "war stories," Gompers and Lerner present a series of practical frameworks for understanding the relationships among venture capital, innovation, and entrepreneurial success. They demystify how the venture capital world operates, and outline the opportunities and obstacles faced by all players in this evolving arena. They explore: the problems entrepreneurs encounter in securing financing, and how the venture capital model can help innovators to resolve them; how venture capitalists can effectively pursue promising opportunities while building a sustainable franchise; and, how corporations, nonprofits, and government institutions can harness the power - and avoid the pitfalls - of the venture capital model when applying it in their own sectors.

Whether the industry is enjoying an incredible growth spurt or weathering an economic slowdown, readers will find this book an immensely practical guide to leveraging the venture capital model to turn innovation into value. Paul A. Both authors live in the Boston area. In the News 06 Sep Boston Globe. Scharfstein, Robert J. Slaughter, Jeremy C.

Stein, and Rene M.

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