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Book it: Riviera Travel has some stunning holidays to Greece taking in a number of these excellent-value destinations. Make the most of the summer sunshine at the many parks and gardens throughout the city — we love the landscaped grounds at Villa Borghese, or the Botanical Gardens, overlooked by the 17th-century Palazzo Corsini.

Cool down with a gelato as you stroll. The ultimate city of art, Florence is essentially a living gallery. Read more: The best vineyard tours and wine-tasting holidays. Stay here: The Guesthouse. Russia might not be your first thought for summer sunshine, but it can get pretty sweltering in the elegant city of St Petersburg.

Grandeur abounds here, with palaces like the pink-hued Stroganov and sunny-yellow Pavlovsk setting the standard for regal residences.

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Stay here: Domina St Petersburg. Stay here: White Harmony Suites. This gorgeous greek island is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for summer sun, and best-value according to Compare the Market. Rugged mountains dot its interior, and beach resorts for all budgets hug its pretty coastline. There are yellow sandy beaches, gorgeous azure waters, and little Greek tavernas serving up the freshest catch of the day. Stay here: Divani Corfu Palace Hotel. Home Travel. Psoriasis: what does it look like and what are the best treatments? You could save hundreds of pounds on winter sun holidays thanks to this booking hack.

Driving in a city is a pain the ass. Avoid like the plague. This is one area where I still feel like I get ripped off. Just a couple of comments on what appears to be a trip that will create life long memories for your family:. Have you made arrangements to have data access on your smart phone for mapping and other google searches while you are on the road?

WIFI hot spots are still spotty in most of Europe. Having smart phone data access should be a must and will come in very handy. And to the point above — there are great tanslation apps for a smart phone that can help with communication. Should be good — we worked this way in Mexico for 7 weeks without any cell connection and it was fine overall.

Translation apps also work well offline with the downloadable libraries. Excellent upcoming trip and post! We did 20 day trip to Europe last summer — family of seven to London, Paris, and Muenster, Germany — about a week in each location. Used homeaway for our stays, and as you point out, there are so many more advantages to an apartment over a hotel, especially with a relatively large family.

Hit all the highlights in each of the cities listed, so admission fees were high overall e.

Did not rent any cars — used trains, buses and trains and bikes! Dont think we could do the book bag packing, but envy you that you are able to do. Liked them all, but if had to rank — probably 1 Muenster, 1A London, then 2 Paris. Had an apartment in Muenster about 10 Km outside of town. Owner was nice enough to provide 7 bikes so rode into town every day. University town, so some cultural attractions, but was more the epitome of slow travel. Relax, ride the bike, long lunches, eat pig knuckles, etc. That sounds wonderful.

And makes me feel better about skipping London and Paris on this trip. A lot of churches, a very historic city listen to hardcore history: prophets of doom. Very family friendly city with lots of green spaces. Actually used points to book economy seats, and because I am super duper elite with the airline, I was able pull some strings to use upgrade certificates to book into normal business class seats. Not something readily available, so was very fortunate there.

I think the kids are spoiled now and expect that on every flight. Slick move! I bet it was totally worth it. Ha I do bet the kids are expecting it.

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  4. Our kids keep asking every time we tell them about a trip, do we get to ride in the nice seats? Booking first class to get lounge access with good and drinks is a travel hack i can actually apply! Thx for the good idea. Sadly, Belgium has a poor offer on credit card rewards and on top off that, there are few services we can book on a credit card. So inspiring. Everyone I interacted with spoke English really well.

    The rental cars took some searching but prices not bad at all. Of course the economics for us as a family of 5 needing to purchase 2 to 5 transit tickets makes rental cars comparatively affordable options to get around. Glad to hear your experiences with English speaking. Especially Venice. And I know the most important Italian word — Pizza! I look forward to attaining FIRE in order to take extended vacations. We are taking an Amtrak train from Portland to Tacoma in business class that includes the Metropolitan Lounge access that I used points for, so that is free.

    Our hotel for 3 nights in Tacoma is free with points and our last two nights in Seattle we are paying for, but the price was low enough that I am not willing to use the points for it, and would rather earn points for the stay. Both hotels come with free breakfast and the AirBnb is an entire 2 BR house with a full kitchen. Not bad, IMO.


    21 Best Places to visit in Europe in Summer 12222 (WHY to visit, WHERE to sleep and WHAT to do)

    Sounds like my kind of trip! If I can travel hack another free plane ticket, it might even cost less! I think that you will run into some challenges. With children, a good number of locations would be around 4. Compact cars in Europe are small, typically hold 4 persons and minimal luggage. Consider not taking the DSLR.

    It will mark you and your family as easy targets. Take a softshell combination jacket for everyone. They combine a raincoat and light thermal jacket in one garment. You will likely spend a good bit more for food than you think. The phone should work based on hundreds of reviews of this Global SIM.

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    6. Compact cars that we have reserved so far appear to be about the same size as our compact car Honda Civic that worked just fine for us. Tight but doable.

      The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Europe in Summer

      Could probably squeeze all that in the passenger compartment if we had to, but I imagine the small trunk will work out fine. Chip and PIN would be handy but not worth applying for a credit card just for that purpose. Our debit card from Fidelity has zero transaction fees they reimburse any if locally imposed and works as a chip and PIN on the VISA network so we can use that in a pinch. I ran into the same problem with grocery stores in Germany on Sundays. Train stations usually have restaurants, possibly grocery stores, open on Sundays.

      Sounds like a great trip. Have fun! So exciting, hope we get to hear more about this trip.

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      BTW thanks for turning me on the ebates, I started using them after hearing you talk about how you saved on a cruise via ebates on the choose FI podcast. Sounds like a great trip! We had decided to do shorter more controlled trips like this by cruising on ships and doing excursions so we could have a full experience with childcare, food and transportation mostly included.

      However, that would add quite a bit to your great cost of 10K. Congrats, I am exhausted just reading about it. Someday I hope to go back to Europe. Did you use the Fidelity brokerage transfer to get the United miles, or did you already have those from your Reserve card? Also, I have found that rental cars are very cheap if you buy them through the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall vs.